It has been a long time.

It has been a very long time since I have posted on this blog, and a lot has happened since my last post.

Most importantly, the Cambodian national elections will be held in July this year. The election results will form the conclusion to our film project, it will mean we have been filming in Cambodia for more than four years.

The Venerable Loun Sovath has returned from America and is as active as ever, attending protests, filming and disseminating information via social media and his blog. Most recently was the appeal court hearing for Yorn Bopha, a Boeung Kak representative who is currently in jail accused of masterminding an assault on two motodops. During the peaceful protest organised by the Boeung Kak community, the motodop association members staged a counter protest. Among their numbers were the two alleged victims of the attack. Both protests passed off peacefully and the hearing will continue on June 14th.

With regards to the film itself, we have been spending the past few months laboriously translating the past four years worth of footage and preparing the rushes for viewing with the editing team. The post production stage is time consuming and difficult, so the election campaigns will bring a welcome return to filming and will mean an increase in the blog posts as we cover the campaigns.

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