Chris Kelly – Director
Writer, Producer, Cinematographer and Director Chris Kelly is an award-winning video journalist and documentary filmmaker and the founder of Little Ease Films. He has spent the last nine years making his first feature documentary ‘A Cambodian Spring’. He is a regular contributor to the Guardian newspaper and in 2014 produced an award-winning undercover investigation into slavery in the Thai fishing industry. His work has taken him as far afield as South Sudan, Burma, the Philippines, Laos and Thailand. He is currently developing an animated feature film about slavery in the Thai fishing industry, a feature documentary about a young Irish man who went to fight Assad in Syria and a Virtual Reality computer game about slavery and migration.








James Holden – Composer
The release of James Holden’s long-anticipated second album The Inheritors in the summer of 2013 kicked off a bold new phase in the enduring British electronic guru’s musical career. An epic 75 minute long English pagan saga, the immersive and idiosyncratic alternative electronic universe of The Inheritors was the product of Holden’s late night studio jams on his modular synthesizer and custom hybrid analogue-digital machines. He is the founder of the Border Community record label and is published by Warp Publishing, one of the most original and highly regarded record labels in the world.
“A Cambodian Spring” is his first soundtrack.





Christopher Hird – Executive Producer
Executive Producer Christopher Hird is one of the most prolific and experienced Producers in the business, well known for his successful campaign films, he has been responsible for films such as Rupert Murray’s hugely successful ‘The End of the Line,’ John Pilger’s ‘The War You Don’t See,’ ‘Just Do It,’ and ‘Black Gold.’






Edwina Forkin – Executive Producer
Executive Producer Edwina Forkin is a dynamic, motivated, energetic producer with over fifteen years’ experience in Film and Television production. Edwina has been a producer on scores of award winning documentaries and feature films including; The Cause of Progress, A Door A Jar by Patrick Jolley, Good Cake Bad Cake by Shimmy Marcus and Sugar by Patrick Jolley and Reynold Reynolds.






Bob Moore – Executive Producer
Bob Moore is a Creative Producer and Co-President of EYESTEELFILM in Montreal, specializing in the creation of cinematic documentaries such as Last Train Home, China Heavyweight, I Am the Blues and Forest of the Dancing Spirits. With partners Daniel Cross and Mila Aung- win, Bob has produced  films that have been recognized by international awards including the Emmys and Golden Horse, as well as numerous festival grand jury awards. Bob also oversees EYESTEELFILM’s theatrical distribution company and its new Creative Reality Lab, which focuses on meaningful interactive and immersive storytelling. He has degrees in Philosophy, Fine Art, and Law, and regularly lectures at and consults with  film institutions around the world.