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The Myth of Progress

While many might feel that the real myth around here is the progress that we have made in actually finishing this film, it is, after many years, now finally nearing completion. We are still short of the funding that we need to finish, but we have started the editing process and it is going extremely […]

Phnom Penh after the elections

WARNING The slideshow contains graphic images. [portfolio_slideshow id=2842 size=full showcaps=true exclude_featured=true click=advance pagerpos=disabled] On Sunday night 29-year-old Mao Sok Chan died a few meters from where I was filming and taking pictures of violent clashes between what was ostensibly a mingled group of frustrated commuters unable to pass police blockades, CNRP supporters, local youths, and several thousand military police. The […]

For Tim Sakmony

After the morning ceremony for Borei Keila, the ambience switched tones to celebrate the release of Tim Sakmony. She had spent more than 100 days in pre-trial detention. See the post about the day of the trial here:

Borei Keila – One year after..

Today marked the one-year memorial of a violent eviction that saw some 300 families forced from their homes in Borei Keila on the 3rd of Jan 2012. Residents from Borei Keila and people from other communities gathered to pray amoung the newly finished buildings that had been promised to them as part of an on-site […]

Showing solidarity

Community members located on the North-western side of Boeung Kak were invited to a meeting at City Hall to discuss the compensation offer and futur of their community. Slated for eviction to make way for the development of the railway, villagers are hoping for adequate compensation. The outcome of the meeting did not offer much […]