• “Extraordinary documentary, really impressive.”  Kermode and Mayo's Film Review - Mark Kermode

  •  “Finds a brooding, doomed beauty in the landscape.” LITTLE WHITE LIES - EVE WATLING

  • “Gripping human drama.”  The Guardian

  • “A remarkable film . . . a universal story about a community trying to save itself from destruction.”  THE INDEPENDENT - Geoffrey Macnab

  • "A fitting film for an unequal world." THE SUNDAY TIMES - JONATHAN DEAN

  • “Packs a punch.” The Financial Times

  • “Emotionally penetrating.”  The Times - Larushka Ivan-Zadeh

  • “A turbulent, fascinating doc.” TIME OUT - Phil de Semlyen

  • "Powerful." Total Film - Tom Dawson

  • “A disciplined epic . . . striking imagery . . . and a gripping story.” The Irish Times - Donald Clarke

  • “Masterful, illuminating and absorbing.”  RTE - Paddy Kehoe


  • "Powerful." The Monocle Daily

  • "A reminder that much of the best work to effect positive change comes from the ground up."  vulture hound - Chris Banks

  • "A compelling film." film news - Paul Chapinal

  • "There is no stepping back from the action in this intense documentary about greed, suffering and courage." One Room With a View - Sophie Maxwell

  • "This film let’s their story be heard in a clarity that can’t and shouldn’t be ignored". the national - Ross Miller

  • "A story of profound tragedy but also a story of courage." scannain - Dave Higgins

  • "A visceral, complex film that should come with a “For further study” list." Liam Lacey

  • "Poses deep questions about how change and revolution come about in the world." Maria Flood

  • "A detailed observation of right and wrong." Alex Miller

  • "Emotionally stirring." Greg Klymkiw

  • "A sobering look at a protest movement beyond Western society’s usual attention." Panic Manual

  • "Events like these could very well happen on our shores, so it’s worth it to pay attention." Michael McNeely

A Cambodian Spring


Jul 12
Whirled Cinema, Loughborough 8:00 PM