• “Extraordinary documentary, really impressive.”  Kermode and Mayo's Film Review - Mark Kermode

  •  “Finds a brooding, doomed beauty in the landscape.” LITTLE WHITE LIES - EVE WATLING

  • “Gripping human drama.”  The Guardian

  • “A remarkable film . . . a universal story about a community trying to save itself from destruction.”  THE INDEPENDENT - Geoffrey Macnab

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  • “Packs a punch.” The Financial Times

  • “Emotionally penetrating.”  The Times - Larushka Ivan-Zadeh

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  • "Powerful." The Monocle Daily

  • "A reminder that much of the best work to effect positive change comes from the ground up."  vulture hound - Chris Banks

  • "A compelling film." film news - Paul Chapinal

  • "There is no stepping back from the action in this intense documentary about greed, suffering and courage." One Room With a View - Sophie Maxwell

  • "This film let’s their story be heard in a clarity that can’t and shouldn’t be ignored". the national - Ross Miller

  • "A story of profound tragedy but also a story of courage." scannain - Dave Higgins

  • "A visceral, complex film that should come with a “For further study” list." Liam Lacey

  • "Poses deep questions about how change and revolution come about in the world." Maria Flood

  • "A detailed observation of right and wrong." Alex Miller

  • "Emotionally stirring." Greg Klymkiw

  • "A sobering look at a protest movement beyond Western society’s usual attention." Panic Manual

  • "Events like these could very well happen on our shores, so it’s worth it to pay attention." Michael McNeely

A Cambodian Spring

A Cambodian Spring is an intimate and unique portrait of three people caught up in the chaotic and often violent development that is shaping modern-day Cambodia. Shot over 6 years, the film charts the growing wave of land-rights protests that led to the ‘Cambodian Spring’ and the tragic events that followed. This film is about the complexities – both political and personal, of fighting for what you believe in.

Director Chris Kelly said "A Cambodian Spring is for me a deeply personal film, which took nine years to complete. It is an exploration of what motivates us, what gives our lives meaning, and what happens when our personal desires colour and shape our actions. It is an unapologetically subjective portrait of my time in Cambodia, of the people who shared their lives with me and of the shifting landscapes, both physical and emotional, that I found there.”

A Cambodian Spring had its world premiere at the prestigious Hot Docs festival in Toronto, Canada in May 2017. The film won the Special Jury Prize for International Feature Documentary and has gone on to win many more awards and screened at film festivals all over the world including Busan, Docs MX and Antenna.

The UK and Irish theatrical release starts in May 2018.

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